Coalescer Filters

Coalescer Filters are one of the more recent of filter design, used to separate liquids to purify an application

Coalescers work by attracting miniscule droplets of water or other liquid, possibly even as small as a single molecule. As the droplets collect, they are gathered together by the force of molecular attraction and surface tension. When they reach a sufficient size, they can be removed from the system by gravity or by centripetal forces generated by spinning the coalescer assembly. The material to be separated by a coalescer may be in liquid or vapour form depending on the component substances.

Bespoke Design

Microtech design and develop Coalescer elements using a variety of medias, using glass fibre wraps or incorporated into pleated multi stage components.

Glass fibre media is provided in 3, 6, 12 and 25 micron and are available as stock items. Microtech also has the capacity to source the more bespoke medias in order for the element to maximise its efficiency within its application.