DUST Filters

Dust filter manufacturers and distributors in the UK

Specialists in the design and manufacture of dust filtration products. The most common form of dust collectors are fabric bags, however our specialist area is in the manufacture of a wide range of pleated cartridges for the removal of dust from various applications.

Microtech Cartridges offer significant advantages in many applications, especially in toxic dust areas, where high levels of efficiency are paramount. The large amount of media they contain means they are a very compact size in relation to the airflow they can accommodate.

The dust filter elements are easily cleaned using Mechanical Shaker Units or compressed air Pulse Jets, giving improved performance and a much-increased lifespan.

Dust problems can range from being a simple nuisance to a serious health risk, including explosive hazardous areas. Control of dust is now of ever-greater significance due to emission standards set to protect both the individual in the workplace and the environment. Microtech filters aid industry in avoiding costly waste materials, loss of productivity and reducing potentially serious health hazards.

Our dust filters are used in many industries, from Animal Feed to Metal Fabrication to Food Processing, Quarrying to Cement Manufacture. Key application areas include Pneumatic Conveying, Vacuum Machines, Silo Venting, Shot Blasting, Powder Coating and Odour Control.

Microtech manufactures food compliant filters, using the highest grade of medias and compliant polyurethanes.

Medias such as PTFE coated and membrane as well as Hepa grades H13 and H14 to optimise powder filtration efficiencies.

Powder Filtration industries including, Cement Process Manufacturing, Food Manufacturing and Air Pollution Control plus many more!

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