OTHER Filters


  • Gas works, Mining, Chemical
  • Air cleansing machinery
  • Spun bonded nylon, glass fibre
  • Health and environmentally efficient, long-life, durable, high dirt hold capacity
  • Kleenex tissues were originally used as filters in gas masks

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  • Chemical, Food and Beverage, Mining
  • Beer fermentation, Cigarettes
  • Highly efficient, non-reusable, low maintenance, absorbs deposits, statically charged
  • Smirnoff vodka is filtered through carbon, filtering out impurities and giving better colour and taste


  • Food and Beverage, Chemical, Water and Sewage
  • Coffee percolator, Sewage separators
  • Media must adhere to health and safety regulation specifics; wedge wire screens, perforated steel, woven wire mesh
  • Re-usable, cost effective, easily maintained, pump protection, rated to 50 micron – 4mm
  • In 1865, coffee percolators appeared in Europe and America thanks to inventor James Mason

SEPARATOR (Coalescing) Filters

  • Fuel, Chemical, Oil Refineries
  • Diesel Polishing
  • Glass Micro fibres, needle felts, synthetic material
  • Particles adhere to fibres and not passed through filter, efficient, flow rates from 20-1000 litres/min
  • Coalescing filters are one of the most recent filters to be produced, first tested in the 1980’s

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