Utilities & Infrastructure FiltrATION

Filters are an integral part of the Chemical and Pharmaceutical industry and Microtech can help. We manufacture Cartridge filters, Bag Filters and panel filters for the Chemical and Pharmaceutical industry, which includes the below applications and many more:

  • Sewage treatment
  • Electric generators and Transformers
  • Gas Pipeline
  • Road Management Systems
  • Odour Control
  • Ventilation/HVAC


Why Microtech?

Microtech Filters are an established and highly regarded filter manufacturer in the UK. We develop and manufacture high quality, durable, efficient and great value filters in all shapes, sizes, mediums and finishes. And we do so in a way that is responsible for our customers, our employees and the environment.

We employ the latest technology in our recently extended and updated factory in Nottinghamshire, including the use of Ultrasonic Welding, which gives a stronger seal, resulting in increased filter reliability and life span.


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