WATER Filters

Microtech Filters are designers, manufacturers and suppliers of an extensive range of water filters, softeners, purifiers, reverse osmosis units and replacement filter cartridges for domestic and industrial use. Offering a range of industrial and domestic water filters.

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Working with end users and distributers Microtech has a range of cartridge and bag filters for process liquid filtration.  These range from sub micron glass fibre high efficiency pleated elements 0.2 micron to coarse stainless steel woven wire mesh at 1000 micron, with various styles of end caps to suit single or multistage housings.

Filter elements can be wound, pleated, wrapped, spun bonded or resin based along with carbon de-ionisation and RO membrane elements for food, beverage, chemical and pharmaceutical process filter applications.

Industrial Water FiltersWound
Low cost
1-100 micron
High dirt holding capacity
Available from 5”-60”
High flow rate

Spun Bonds
Pure polyprop
No additives
FDA approved
High flow
High dirt capacity
1-75 micron
Length up to 40”

Pleated Elements
Cellulose polyester
Low cost
High dirt capacity
High surface area
5 – 50 micron
Up to 40”

Membrane Elements
Mirrored acemetric
High performance
Particulate or micro biological performance
0.1 micron – 1 micron

Stainless Steel Elements
5 – 1000 micron

Polyprop with or without brass inserts, available with 1¼” – 2 ½ “inlet/outlet
Stainless steel
Glass fibre reinforced nylon
Pressure rating 8.5 – 13 bar
Knife edge seals, 222 or code 3 ‘o’ ring
Larger vessels available with 2 ½ “diameter and 4 ¼ “diameter filter cartridges


Domestic Water FiltersEnjoy the taste of bottle-quality water and feel healthier from the knowledge that water couldn’t be much cleaner.


Why drink more water?
Containing no fat, caffeine, cholesterol and low in sodium… water is essential for body organs to function healthily and to keep body temperature regulated.

Why filter water?
Drinking water in the UK is some of the best in Europe, but with water quality varying seasonally and dramatically around the country some of us just don’t like the taste, smell or possible contents.

What can be found in our water?
Bacteria, calcium, chloride, cryptosporidium cysts, flouride, giardia cysts, herbicides/pesticides, nitrate/nitrile, particulate, sodum (chloride), taste and odour, metals (such as iron, lead, copper, magnesium, mercury, zinc).

Does carrying heavy water bottles and paying more for water than petrol make sense?

Water can be such a great, refreshing, healthy drink. So when its practically free from the tap, why are bottled water sales the fastest growing amongst many beverage choices today?

The hydration reasons are clear, but to encourage consumption within all age groups, especially the young, poor taste cannot be tolerated and faith in the quality of the supply must be harnessed. Bottled water meets this criteria, but at a cost.

“At this point in time, there is simply no better choice – for purity and economy – than filtered water!”

A Microtech drinking water filtration system does make sense, taking water from the tap and without effect, turning it into the product we desire – clean, clear, healthy, refreshing water.

Other products and information available on: Water Softening Systems and Food Service Systems.


Puretec Water Filters diagramKeep it PURETEC! – Fresh, clean drinking water straight from your tap!

WHY PAY FOR BOTTLED WATER and struggle to carry heavy bottles home – you can have your
own unlimited supply of clean, clear and health promoting water at a fraction of the cost.

We are all aware of the concerns about drinking water quality, from various contaminants to the additives deemed necessary by water companies, hence the massive increase in bottled water sales. Now you and your family can have peace of mind with your own PURETEC water filtration and treatment system fitted to your regular water supply.

In addition to removing odours from your water, improving the taste and inhibiting the build-up of limescale, at the press of a button the PURETEC filter will remove the following: Tannin, Chlorine, Heavy Metals, Pesticides, Herbicides, THM, PCB, Sand and other particles.


Fitting your PURETEC domestic water filtration system could not be easier and comes with very simple to follow instructions for installation. If you prefer, you don’t even have to interrupt
your water supply by turning it off. The ‘Saddle Tapping’ valve is simply tightened around your cold water supply pipe and once pierced forms an on-off tap for cartridge replacement. Hose attachments simply push on to form a seal.
All the tools you will need are:
● Drill
● 3mm Drill Bit
● 11mm Twist Drill Bit
● Phillips Screwdriver

We recommend that your cartridge is replaced every six months – price on application.

PDF Brochure download for Puretec Domestic Water Filtration System >

DOMESTIC WATER FILTERS - Merlin Reverse Osmosis

merlin water filters
● Innovative water-purifier
● reliable smart
● low maintenance
● packaged ready-to-go
● Up to 4,000 litres per day of purified water
● Requires no pump, no electricity
● On-demand without the need for water storage
● Up to 75% less waste water
● Compact, simple design


The Merlin Reverse Osmosis system is a truly innovative water treatment unit from GE Osmonics. It uses water pressure to reverse a natural physical process called osmosis. Water under pressure is forced through a semi-permeable membrane to separate out minerals and impurities from the pure water. In itself this technology is not new, GE Osmonics pioneered Reverse Osmosis 30 years ago, however, packaging Reverse Osmosis into a system of the Merlin size that can be used “on-demand” is new.


PDF Brochure download for Merlin Reverse Osmosis System >